Imaging Specialists is proud to offer the latest in technology with the open 3T MRI. After Johns Hopkins, we are the second open 3T MRI system provider in the nation.

The current standard for MRI is the 1.5T machine. The 3T MRI system sets a new level of excellence in imaging the entire body. Uniquely powerful and precise, the 3T MRI enables our radiologists to accelerate early diagnosis and treatment, helping to improve your prognosis.

The open 3T MRI offers:
  • unsurpassed image detail and clarity
  • improved patient comfort
  • unmatched speed – significantly reduced exam times
  • scanning flexibility and power

The 3T MRI’s open configuration enables Imaging Specialists to accommodate large patients, including the morbidly obese. We have completed numerous tall, muscular and obese studies, with high resolution on patients over 500 pounds.

Experience the unsurpassed image quality and open design allowing for greater patient comfort.


MRI is simple, safe and painless. However, because we use strong magnets during the procedure, metal objects in your body may be hazardous or cause interference. Please print and complete our MRI Screening Form and bring it with you to your appointment to provide us with this important information before entering the MRI department.

Click here for more patient information on the MRI procedure.


Imaging Specialists Receives American College of Radiology Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Accreditation

Imaging Specialists brings one of only two open 3T MRI systems in the nation to SC.