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COVID-19 Safety Precautions

As we navigate the recent spikes in COVID-19 locally, here is some important information to know:

  1. Imaging Specialists continues to follow all safety guidelines in place. Read more here for our detailed safety precautions and guidelines.
  2. We brought in a third party deep sanitation service immediately to thoroughly clean the entire facility, in addition to our frequent, daily cleaning policies.
  3. We assure our patients that any and all safety precautions available to Imaging Specialists are being implemented. For the protection of our staff, all patients are required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. No visitors are permitted to accompany the patient unless a disability requiring mobility assistance is required or the patient is under 18 years of age.
  4. We ask that all patients and providers be cautious of their health so we can continue to safely provide you our full complement of advanced imaging services at a better price. If you do not feel well, please stay home and call us to reschedule your appointment at 843-881-4020.
  5. Online appointments for patients are available at It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and avoids wait times on the phone due to high call volume. If you call and do not reach a person, please leave a message. We will call you back.

You have a choice in where to go for imaging.

Imaging is an integral and essential part of health care. Whether it is to view a fracture, diagnose a possible condition, or a component of preventative care, physicians rely on knowledgeable and professional radiologists to assist in interpreting imaging for their patients.

Many hospitals and medical facilities are in partnership with or in contract with certain imaging facilities and thus refer their patients to these locations when a radiology service is needed. Regrettably, the facility that a patient is being referred to may not be the best choice for them. The facility may be out of network with the patient’s health insurance or may not meet the patient’s needs in terms of location, time frame for scheduling, or flexibility of imaging machinery. The facility may not be able to promptly provide an interpretation of the image, causing patients to wait an extended time to receive a critical diagnosis or plan of care.

Many patients do not realize they have the right to request the imaging facility of their choice when their physician requests imaging.

Unlike other imaging facilities, the radiologists at Imaging Specialists are on-site, which translates to expedited interpretations as well as the most proficient experience for patients. We are committed to patient-centered care and strive to offer the best technology at the best price. The radiologists at Imaging Specialists are board-certified and subspecialty trained in Neuroradiology, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology.

Imaging Specialists offer CT scans, ultrasounds, x-rays, DEXA scanning, musculoskeletal and orthopedic imaging, mammography, and other women’s services. We are also proud to provide the latest in technology with two new Hologic 3D Mammography systems, the newest GE CT scanner, and the open 3T MRI. Uniquely powerful and precise, the 3T MRI enables our radiologists to accelerate early diagnosis and treatment. The open 3T MRI offers a more comfortable experience for patients while improving their prognosis.

The next time your physician orders imaging for you, consider requesting the referral be sent to Imaging Specialists in order to receive the most expert, comprehensive, and timely interpretation of your imaging.

No More Waiting

Wait.  The hardest part of getting a mammogram, and the reason I put it off for way too long, was the dreaded wait for results.


Breast cancer is no stranger to my family.  I watched my grandmother battle it and lost that heartbreaking battle after five years.  I watched my mother and aunt get their yearly mammograms because early detection is crucial and watched the wait.  Every year, my mom would get her mammogram, and then the wait began, generally a week for results that felt like an eternity.


I came to dread that week as much as I have dreaded getting my own mammogram.  The not knowing and the second call back for more scans.  Would my mom be ok?  Were we getting ready to battle breast cancer in our family again?  Every year it was the worst week filled with stress and worry.


Then I turned 41 and knew deep down; the wait was not worth the risk.  Friends, family, and my doctor urged me to get a mammogram.  I finally followed their advice and scheduled my first mammogram.


I walked in with dread, but it was not what I expected.  The Women’s Imaging area was not this sterile hospital-like room, but more spa-like, the cape I had to wear during the exam was even warm!  The technician could feel my tension and immediately put me at ease by greeting me with a smile and walking me through the whole process before we started.  I walked in, held my breath, listened to the tech while she took the 3D scan, and it was over.


Next, I went back to the dressing room, changed, and started what I thought would be a week of worry.  But after less than five minutes, the technician gave me MY RESULTS that an onsite radiologist had read.  No more wait.  I was free and clear.  I was ok.  I was relieved.


More than anything, I wish Imaging Specialists had been around when my mom was younger getting these yearly exams.  I’ve learned the service there is not the standard.  Patients in other imaging centers and hospitals still leave empty-handed with worry and wait ahead of them.  So I encourage everyone to choose Imaging Specialists as I did.  Don’t put off the mammogram, and leave with results in hand. They will forever be my choice for a mammogram.



Schedule your Imaging Services with a Few Clicks

Schedule your Imaging Services with a Few Clicks


Imaging Specialists is now offering complete online scheduling through Open Doctor. The Open Doctor program, easily found on the Imaging Specialists website, saves patients time and allows them to schedule services at the most convenient time for their schedule. Says a recent patient, “Honestly, I thought it would be complicated, and it wasn’t at all. I scheduled my 3D mammography on a Sunday afternoon with a few clicks and received a reminder text, as well. I never even picked up the phone.”


To schedule online, patients will need to have a few things on hand.

These include:

Insurance Card

Prescription / Order for some services

Name of referring physician

A contact email address or cell phone number


Imaging Specialists is the only locally owned full-service, freestanding medical imaging facility in greater Charleston. They offer Digital X-Ray, the latest Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and a recently expanded private Women’s Imaging area that houses two Hologic genius 3D Mammography units.

To find the online scheduling link,

Early Detection Saves Lives-Imaging Specialists Adds New Mammography Unit to Women’s Imaging

Imaging Specialists now houses two 3D Mammography units in their newly expanded Women’s Imaging area. This dramatically increases the number of mammograms performed daily. Both units- Hologic Genius 3D Mammography- help detect invasive cancers and reduce recalls. Says Dr. Brian Burke, “One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Early detection is every women’s best weapon in the fight against breast cancer.”

The Women’s Imaging Center at Imaging Specialists offers patients the latest in digital mammography as part of our comprehensive range of breast screening and imaging services. The expanded area provides a private suite of advanced imaging that includes two 3D mammography units, ultrasound, bone densitometry, and 3T breast MRI. Image-guided biopsy is also offered on-site. As an American College of Radiology mammography accredited facility, Imaging Specialists, offers worry-free rapid results, urgent same-day appointment slots and will handle the transfer of prior mammography images from other medical facilities.

Appointments can be made online through the new Open Doctor system To learn more,

Expect More From Your Medical Imaging – Super Bowl Ad

Expect more from your medical imaging. At Imaging Specialists we are proud to present our new Super Bowl spot that spotlights the amazing physicians who live local and own Imaging Specialists, their commitment to advanced technology, and the staff and technologists that deliver five-star customer service daily to our patients. We are kicking off this year with a new, expanded women’s imaging suite that houses two best-in-class Hologic 3D Mammography systems, and in-progress plans for a new Digital X-ray and CT Scanner. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Expanded Women’s Imaging Suite Includes Two New, Best-In-Class Mammography Systems

At Imaging Specialists, we are pleased to announce the completion of our expanded, best-in-class Women’s Imaging suite. Unsurpassed 3D technology and onsite subspecialty-trained radiologists give every woman the best chance for an early and accurate diagnosis. Further benefits for patients include:

  • Worry-free rapid results
  • Dedicated women’s imaging suite anchored by 3D Mammography, Ultrasound, and 3T Breast MRI
  • Evening and weekend hours
  • Better pricing, affordable self-pay rates
  • 99% patient satisfaction rate
  • Breast biopsy with rapid pathology results
  • New! Online patient appointment scheduling at
  • New! Expanded Women’s Imaging Suite with TWO best in class Hologic 3D Mammography Systems.
  • New! Urgent same day appointment slots for patients exhibiting symptoms

Get Checked: It’s The Breast Thing To Do

Historic advancements have triumphed in the battle to defeat breast cancer. However, one in eight women will still be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society.

Getting your annual mammogram plays an important part in the battle to defeat breast cancer. Imaging Specialists is making the first step more accessible and convenient than ever before. To start, schedule your mammogram online in minutes with our user-friendly appointment portal. Once you visit Imaging Specialists, you’ll be introduced to industry-leading, state of the art equipment including a brand-new breast imaging suite featuring 3D Mammography. Imaging Specialists takes the stress and guesswork out of the imaging experience, delivering your results within 24 hours. Every day counts in the fight against breast cancer; take control of your breast health today with Imaging Specialists.

If the results reveal your nightmares, realize you arrived early to battle and Imaging Specialists is by your side to help you fight. Our newly expanded state-of-the-art women’s imaging suite is one weapon of many in our arsenal.

We are expanding to include two new, best-in-class 3D Mammography systems to serve more women faster. 3D Mammography offers a 40% clearer view of breast tissue than 2D, which increases detection. This field-leading technology also entails faster exam times and more comfortable patient positioning during the mammogram.

3D Mammography (right) offers a clearer view vs. 2D Digital Mammography (left).

2D Digital Mammography and 3D Tomosynthesis

We also utilize Breast MRI technology to deliver care with rapid results, when necessary. Breast MRI is a radiation-free procedure that provides detailed images of the breast, further characterizing lumps and lesions and allowing for pinpoint localization.

Do the breast thing for you by prioritizing your health. Schedule a mammography appointment with our highly trained specialists. You can schedule online or call us at 843-881-4020. See our Mammography Tips from Our Women’s Imaging Team blog for our complete list of mammography tips. We have the weapons; we just need you.

Imaging Specialists Provides a Safe Space for Medical Imaging

While Imaging Specialists works toward a more robust schedule for patients, we will continue to implement heightened precautions. To protect everyone, we are closely following the guidance of local, national, and global health authorities – including the CDC, American College of Radiology, and the Society of Breast Imaging.

To maintain a safe environment for our staff and patients, here is what you can expect from us:

Patients and Staff to Wear Masks

All employees will wear company issued healthcare masks.  All patients are required to wear a mask before entering the facility.

Patients Only in All Areas

Only patients are allowed into the facility at the time of their appointment. No visitors, please.

Enhanced Patient Screening 
We screen all patients for fever, cough, shortness of breath, and recent travel. Patients are screened when calling to schedule an appointment, 1-2 days before their appointment, and at the check-in.

Employee Screening
Employees are required to stay home if sick and are screened daily for symptoms. They are required to complete a 14-day self-quarantine if returning from any airplane travel or exhibiting symptoms.

Social Distancing and Remote Waiting

In adherence to the social distancing guidelines, we will continue to limit the number of patients scheduled and provide optional remote waiting in your vehicle.

Increased Frequency Cleaning
Along with our current cleaning protocols, we are more frequently cleaning our patient and non-patient areas throughout the day with products that the EPA lists for effective use against COVID-19.

Reducing High-touch Surfaces
We encourage you to bring your own book as we have removed the reading materials in our centers.

Ongoing Updates
We are committed to updating our patients and community regularly as we make decisions regarding services.

We encourage you and your loved ones to continue to take these simple, protective steps:

  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to wash between your fingers and scrub your nails, too – germs can linger beneath the nail bed.
  • Cough into your elbow or use a tissue to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Avoid touching your face – especially your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • If you are sick, please stay home.

Thank you for your continued commitment to the health, well-being, and safety of our community. As circumstances continue to change, we will keep you informed.

To schedule, please call 843-881-4020. Convenient online scheduling through our website at is coming soon!