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Breast Cancer Fact vs. Fiction

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month which is the perfect time for women to make breast health a priority. At Imaging Specialists, subspecialty trained radiologists perform mammograms, CT scans, MRIs and breast biopsies on lowcountry women on a daily basis. Women undergoing these tests usually have a lot of questions, and these physicians help to dispel breast cancer myths for concerned women. States Dr. Michael Garovich, “There is so much information out there from what test to undergo to breast cancer risk factors that it is easy to get confused. When women come to Imaging Specialists, we help them through the breast cancer screening process from beginning to end. Our goal is to relieve the patient’s anxiety while guiding them through the screening process.”
Below Imaging Specialist radiologists Michael Garovich, M.D., President and Jon Carmain, MD address breast cancer myths for lowcountry women. Interviews are available; please call Laurin Collar with HHK Healthcare Marketing.

Breast Cancer Fact vs. Fiction

Fiction: Implants increase a women’s breast cancer risk
States Dr. Carmain, “This is fiction. Surgical enhancement is not linked to breast cancer but women with breast implants may need a breast MRI or an ultrasound instead of a mammogram.”

Fact: Mammograms emit a very small amount of radiation
Imaging Specialists is the leader in digital mammography locally. States Dr. Garovich, “The amount of radiation emitted is minimal. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society it is about the same radiation that as a person would be exposed to flying from New York to California.”

Fiction: Deodorant increases breast cancer risk
This is a myth that many women have heard and pondered. So far there have been no studies published that link deodorant to breast cancer.

Fiction: Women must travel to different medical facilities to undergo varied phases of breast cancer screenings
Dr. Garovich states, “This is simply not true. Women should not have to jump in the car from one place to another. Breast cancer screening is stressful enough. They should demand a place that can perform diagnostic imaging from mammograms to breast biopsies under the same roof and expect same day results.”