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Imaging Specialists Answers Top Imaging Questions

The team at Imaging Specialists interacts with patients on a daily basis.   Patients often share the same questions and concerns.   Imaging Specialists  compiled those questions in one place in hopes that these answers will help others  with scheduled imaging as well.

  • When will I get my MRI results?  The answer for MRI is the results are available the next day.  The Imaging Specialists  radiologists examine the images and provide a detailed report to the referring provider, who then contacts the patient regarding the results.
  • Is my mammogram clear?   The subspecialty trained radiologists at Imaging Specialists are on site and personally provide mammography results. Unlike other imaging centers, if a patient needs additional studies they will be handled immediately. No waiting and worrying!
  • If a prior mammogram was at another facility, can I still come to Imaging Specialists?   You bet!  Go to to find a convenient Women’s Imaging form.   Imaging Specialists facilitates the transfer of prior mammography films.
  • Do you have a patient portal? Patients are given access to a patient portal at the time of visit.   It typically takes 24 hours for results to be posted to the portal.
  • Can I walk in for an X-Ray?  Yes!   However, patients do need an order in hand from a referring physician.   Walk ins, but it is recommended to  call before arriving so the team can put the appointment on the schedule.
  • Does Imaging Specialists handle insurance authorization?  The authorization  team begins communication with the insurance company as soon as the patient is placed on the schedule.  Here is a tip:  The more clinical notes received from the provider, the easier it can be to get the insurance provider to authorize payment.
  • Can I choose to go to Imaging Specialists?   ABSOLUTELY!  Patients should be an advocate for their health and request to go to Imaging Specialists.

Imaging Specialists is the only locally owned full service, freestanding medical imaging facility in greater Charleston. From Digital X-Ray to the latest Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Imaging Specialists strives to exceed all of expectations for care. Experience the difference that the latest technology housed in a modern facility can make. The friendly staff is available to answer questions at 843-881-4020. (tel:843-881-4020)