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Mammogram or Breast MRI

The differences and facts women need to know

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a great reminder for women to make breast health a priority. In the past, mammograms have been the most widely used form of breast cancer detection, but now most physicians says Breast MRIs should be considered as a valuable addition to mammography. Dr. Jon Carmain of Imaging Specialists is a board certified diagnostic radiologist. He states, “Both Mammograms and Breast MRIs play an important role in breast cancer detection, but in some instances there is a clear difference between the two.”

Breast MRI vs. Mammogram

  • Both Breast MRI and mammogram are both non invasive diagnostic screening tests uses for early detection
  • Mammograms are less expensive and faster with more insurance coverage
  • MRIs are more sensitive for the detection of invasive cancers
  • Breast MRI should be the considered for women with personal history or family history of breast cancer
  • In many cases, breast MRIs are used to evaluate abnormalities detected on Mammogram and ultrasound
  • MRI’s can be used to examine the integrity of the breast implant

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