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No More Waiting

Wait.  The hardest part of getting a mammogram, and the reason I put it off for way too long, was the dreaded wait for results.


Breast cancer is no stranger to my family.  I watched my grandmother battle it and lost that heartbreaking battle after five years.  I watched my mother and aunt get their yearly mammograms because early detection is crucial and watched the wait.  Every year, my mom would get her mammogram, and then the wait began, generally a week for results that felt like an eternity.


I came to dread that week as much as I have dreaded getting my own mammogram.  The not knowing and the second call back for more scans.  Would my mom be ok?  Were we getting ready to battle breast cancer in our family again?  Every year it was the worst week filled with stress and worry.


Then I turned 41 and knew deep down; the wait was not worth the risk.  Friends, family, and my doctor urged me to get a mammogram.  I finally followed their advice and scheduled my first mammogram.


I walked in with dread, but it was not what I expected.  The Women’s Imaging area was not this sterile hospital-like room, but more spa-like, the cape I had to wear during the exam was even warm!  The technician could feel my tension and immediately put me at ease by greeting me with a smile and walking me through the whole process before we started.  I walked in, held my breath, listened to the tech while she took the 3D scan, and it was over.


Next, I went back to the dressing room, changed, and started what I thought would be a week of worry.  But after less than five minutes, the technician gave me MY RESULTS that an onsite radiologist had read.  No more wait.  I was free and clear.  I was ok.  I was relieved.


More than anything, I wish Imaging Specialists had been around when my mom was younger getting these yearly exams.  I’ve learned the service there is not the standard.  Patients in other imaging centers and hospitals still leave empty-handed with worry and wait ahead of them.  So I encourage everyone to choose Imaging Specialists as I did.  Don’t put off the mammogram, and leave with results in hand. They will forever be my choice for a mammogram.