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Patients Ready to Make Mammography Switch in 2018

It’s a new year, and for many a perfect time to make changes. One change that many Charleston women have shown interest in is a new location for their annual mammogram. Choosing a mammography provider is a patient’s choice, and they have many options from large hospitals to locally owned facilities. At Imaging Specialists’ Women’s Imaging, the only locally owned facility in the Charleston area, patients are offered a private suite of advanced imaging including 3D mammography, ultrasound, bone densitometry, and 3T breast MRI. Image guided biopsy is also provided on site, and Imaging Specialists offers the lowest prices in town on all of these services. Patients often ask how to make the mammography switch. Many feel stuck at a current location due to prior mammography films and records. Imaging Specialists recognized this hurdle and helps patients make the transition become an easy one by handling the transfer of prior films for each patient.

Want to switch to IS for a mammogram? 1. Schedule mammogram with Imaging Specialists via 843-881-4020 or request an appointment online at 2. Have referring provider send Imaging Specialists an order for mammogram. 3. If patient is NEW to Imaging Specialists and HAVE had a mammogram elsewhere before, please fill out the Request Prior Mammogram Films one week in advance of your appointment.

Once the form above is filled out, a patient’s prior films will be requested and received. The prior information is a helpful tool for our subspecialty trained radiologists at Imaging Specialists who are on site and personally provide results to each patient. In contrast to protocol at other facilities, if a patient needs additional studies at Imaging Specialists, they will be moved to them within the same day if possible, which reduces the waiting and worrying.

A patient’s very best defense is early detection and diagnosis, made possible through an annual screening mammogram. Imaging Specialists commits every day to matching our compassionate care for women with state-of-the-art mammogram technology. To learn more: