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99% of Imaging Specialists’ patients have given us an excellent rating on their overall experience with us since 2008.  Our patient testimonials are current and updated monthly. We appreciate your feedback. Please consider sharing a secure message with us about your experience when you log on to the patient portal.

Here is what our patients are saying:

As always my visit went well. They are always polite, efficient, timely and professional. I was introduced to the 3D mammogram, which was great for me because my tissue is extremely dense. I give them a 5 star rating!!!

Test went well and I always feel comfortable during procedures. Again it was timely… Another 5 star rating!!!! Thank you!

The staff was very kind and helpful. I felt very at ease. Your website is much easier to use than RSF’s.

Previously it would take almost 3hrs to have an MRI done…. Imaging Specialists are very efficient…they answer any questions and even their front desk staff seem proficient in what they are doing. I have had many MRI procedures done and I feel complete confidence in this staff. I no longer have to set aside a day for this procedure and they seem to know what they are doing and are always pleasant.” 5 STAR RATING. Thanks!

I want to personally thank you guys for helping me through this visit! I was super nervous and appreciate the patience I was shown! I will definitely recommend y’all to anybody and will come back for future visits! Definitely 5 star quality!

My visit on Dec. 9th at 9:30 was great. 5 star! I appreciate the fact that I didn’t have to wait at all!! And the lovely technician was fabulous! Very caring and thoughtful. Thanks!

Today’s appointment was great. On time and everyone was professional and courteous. The new portal works well.

My visit was five star quality. Thank you.

I was very pleased with how I was treated today. I had to have a CT scan, and everyone was so nice. I will definitely recommend y’all to everyone.

I am claustrophobic, but the technologist was very patient and used multiple techniques to help make me comfortable. The exam was quick and the staff was helpful. I was self pay and your rate was reasonable as well.

I was impressed with the professionalism of Imaging Specialists.

 My visit today was excellent. I got in and out in no time and the staff was very friendly, 5 stars.

You provided a great service! I felt comfortable and secure throughout the test (MRI). Everyone eased my fears! Thank you all! Also thanks to Vicky for helping me access the exam results through your website!

It was my first MRI, but the technician that assisted me made my time more enjoyable and comfortable. I was very nervous and hate needles, but her patience and comforting manner put me at ease. Even though there is no way to enjoy an MRI, I am thankful for her assistance.

Thank you ISC for the great service during my appointment. The front staff was very efficient and the tech explained everything to me before and during the procedure. Thanks again for the five star quality!

Great Customer Service-Five Star Quality!

I love having my mammogram at Imaging Specialists. Very quick and friendly!

You have a FIVE star quality place there! Keep up the good work.

I have been to this facility multiple times and have had great experiences every time. The staff is polite and helpful and very pleasant to interact with. My last appointment 7/23/2015 was especially positive due to the fact that Dr. Gaglione took the time to sit down with me and explain not only the process, but the results he found. He made it clear to me that my surgeon would make decisions for treatment, but I was very clear as to what he found. I greatly appreciate the doctor taking the time to explain what the test showed. This is definitely a FIVE STAR facility and a FIVE STAR staff. I would recommend Imaging Specialists to everyone.

My visit was five star. I am so glad you are now putting this information in an electronic form so I can see all of my visits and notes from my examinations.

Visiting this MRI facility of Imaging Specialists in Mount Pleasant, SC was definitely Five Star Quality. The location and parking were very convenient. Also, the staff was very pleasant, efficient and accommodating. I was also very impressed with the décor of the waiting room. The entire visit really exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great work!

I love this office! The staff members and of course Dr. Mullaney are on top of the charts! They are thoughtful, kind, and compassionate. Defintiely would give this professional staff and its great doctors a five star rating!!!

Yesterday was my first visit at your facility and I was overwhelmed with the kindness shown to me by the staff. I have been getting mammograms for about 30-35 years now and your facility, without a doubt, is the best I have experienced. I particularly like the fact that the radiologist read the mammogram on the spot. Additionally, I like having the ability to access my report online. Thanks for a job well done!

Thanks to all of you for making this visit better due to your caring and professional attitude.

I feel comfortable and confident in the care I received today. Your staff were all kind and professional. I would give Imaging Specialists a five star quality and highly recommend to others.

The place is always nice. I have had almost all of my MRIs done here. The staff is GREAT and always likes the music I bring. I would definitely rate all of my exams 5 star quality.

Please give your team 5 stars on my CT scan visit! Julie called me back and I explained it all to her. She is a great asset by the way. Keep up the good work!!!

I visited your office for a mammogram and bone density scan. Everything was 5 star quality!!

Kristy was kind, caring, very thorough in her explanation of everything and put me completely at ease. She is truly a great asset to Imaging Specialists. My visit was definitely 5 star quality!

Everyone was lovely. Thank you for making a scary experience as pleasant as possible.

MRI was done on 5/14 and I must say thanks to Florence who remained by my side and made the 30-45 min in the tube bearable. This is only my third MRI, but by far my easiest! Also great turnaround dime and being able to see the report online was wonderful.

Thanks again!

I always enjoy my visits at Imaging Specialist because the staff there is so friendly and personable. Usually, I am there for my annual mammogram but yesterday I needed an X-ray for a foot injury and it was quick an easy. What’s really impressive now is to be able to see the report right away through the Patient Resources Portal. Great job, I’ve referred your place to my family and friends! – Patient

My tests were all done very professional and on time. I have used Imaging Specialist for all of my test for the last 8-10 years and have been very pleased with my visits. You all definitely have a five star business! - Patient

Thank you for the warm welcome, assuring care and overall professionalism, which I experienced during my visit.

My visit and procedure was as pleasant as possible and handled with professionalism, care and promptness. All were very attentive to all aspects and willing to spend as much time with me as I needed. I would give everyone a 5 star rating!
– Patient

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make sure my MRI appointment was pleasant. Each step of the process was explained and they made sure I was comfortable. I will definitely use Imaging Specialist for all of my radiology needs in the future!

I appreciate the sincere care that you folks offered to help me through something that was new to me.

Your facility & staff are awesome! You are all very professional, friendly, caring, and you are always on time!

You are definitely my go to location for any imaging that my family and I need! You guys Rock!!

Just letting you know my visit was five star quality! Thank You! – Patient

My quality of service was 5 star from the moment I walked in from the specialist at the check-in desk, to the X-ray Technician with the most warm personality that I have ever met. She put me perfectly t ease and my confidence level continued to build with the wonderful representation of staff at Imaging Specialist. I would highly recommend your facility to all I know that are looking to be treated as an individual, with a high regards to respecting my time and personalizing the experience with a high level of professionalism. YOU ALL ARE ROCK STARS at Imaging Specialist. Thank you for all you do! - Monique Doctor

Thank you for the quick & professional service during my MRI last Friday! - Patient

I always feel at home when I am here…the employees are very friendly…love you guys!!

Kristi was absolutely great…allayed all my fears, made me feel comfortable- deserves applause!

I have been here for 6 years…kudos to Connie and Jason who know how to treat me with respect.

Exceptional customer service, especially the techs Mammo from Kay Durst.

- Mammography patient

Very thorough, professional, and wonderful rapport. Thank you so much. Mammography patient

Top Notch..A+.
- chest x-ray patient

Great…Keep up the good work!!!!
- MRI pt

Kristy and Gabrielle were excellent, kind and very helpful.
- MRI pt

Pleasant atmosphere and staff…

Very efficient and courteous people!

Gabrielle was very professional and projected a caring attitude.

- March 2014 patient

- March 2014 patient

- April 2014 Patient

Very nice staff!!
- (MRI)

I would like to do all my imaging over here if it wasn’t so far from Summerville. Great people easy tests and wonderful description of what to expect.
- (MRI)

I will recommend your office for these types of procedures. Florence, great and professional, excellent, excellent. Leslie and entire staff excellent. Thanks to everyone for your efforts in getting this procedure scheduled and completed.
- (MR)

Awesome services very nice people greeted me with respect truly awesome.
- (MRI)

Only place I will go very friendly and efficient.
- (MRI)

Great organization.
- (MRI)

A very organized company and the staff was very nice to work with. Very pleasant!
- (MRI)

Will recommend you to others needing MRI.
- (MRI)

I was impressed.
- (MRI)

Very nice and concerned about me.

Very caring and considerate techs.
- (MRI)

The staff at Imaging Specialists are second to none. My whole experience from the time I was called about the appointment has been an incredible experience. Thanks to them all.
- (MRI)

I have been for 2 MRI’s prior to this visit. Pleasant and fast. It is easy to understand why professionals recommend it and so do I.
- (X-Ray)

I felt very comfortable and well cared for. Thanks.
- (MRI)

Kristi, wonderful, positive experience.

Nurses were attentive and very caring. All were smiling made me feel at ease. (MRI)

Made the experience bearable and caring. MRA

Decided to come here for mammogram after previous positive CT experience

Thanks!! For being so kind and for making me feel so safe and secure. If there is ever a time that I'm in need of another MRI, I will request that it be done here and no where else. Keep doing what you do…

Thanks for helping my wife.

Very welcoming and comfortable! Professional standards high.

Kristi, Christy and Jodi – great! Tangerine did a great job. Great! Heaven & it was done expertly and professionally.

Friendly, kind, personable… a “dream team”. Thank you, think pink.

MRI machine was great (larger and headphones)! Technician was soothing.

Friendly, concerned and informative. (MRI)

I really enjoyed my experience here and I will be back. I will tell my family and friends. Florence was very warm and comforting.

Appreciate being right on time. (MRI)

Everything was great. I also love all the décor. Great experience.

If I ever need imaging services I’ll definitely choose this office!

Staff was friendly and exceptionally efficient. I’d recommend this facility to anyone requiring an MRI.

Very nice technologist! Great experience, will return. Great that we actually met the physician.

Always excellent! Techs fabulous and supportive, MD’s always talk to you- why would I ever go anywhere else?

Best experience I’ve had with an MRI. I am apprehensive and claustrophobic and was so at ease here. Thank you.

Carla is terrific - she was very gentle and gave me enough into to ease my mind a bit.

In on time. Out on time.

Excellent staff from check-in to check-out.

The doctor and tech were helpful and nice; made us feel at ease.

Once again the staff make it a pleasure to come to your facility. Highly recommend to my patients, family and friends.

The girls are great, they know what they are doing. (MRI)

The staff made me feel very relaxed about having my first mammogram.

Kristi is the kindest and most caring radiographer healthcare provider with whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She is a “keeper”! I so appreciate the respect and kindness extended to me as I suffer from extreme claustrophobia. I have had 4 procedures with Kristi and feel sure of these statements.

This is my second time here and both times I’ve had an exceptionally nice experience.

Thank you for the human touch. This was a very fearful thing for me. You and your understanding heart really helped me. I felt that you really cared about me.

Very friendly and courteous, comforting.

Thank you for being here. You helped me over come my claustrophobia.

On schedule was a nice change in the medical field

Staff were very friendly and professional. Like the air and light inside the MRI. It was fast! Thank you!
- (MRI & X-Ray)

This is the second time I’ve been here. The first time was on July 16 for a routine mammogram. The tech that day (her daughter’s name is Ashlyn – can’t remember the tech’s name) was fantastic.

Very clean, very quick, very professional. (MRI & X-Ray)

The water and cookies were a very nice touch! Thanks!

Very nice and was comfortable throughout the whole procedure! Thank you! (MRI)

Tech was very reassuring and soothing. Very good employee.
- (CT)

On time, cordial, knowledgeable and caring.

All Techs were friendly and smiling. Thank you.
- (MRI)

It was great to get all these tests at one convenient location. Everyone I encountered was helpful and professional.

I was taken very good care of, and they explained everything they were doing. Very caring friend people, they made me very comfortable.

Christy was very helpful, nice and professional. Definitely would recommend Imaging Specialists.

Florence was great! Very solicitous of my comfort – she exceeded expectations. Thanks to Dr. Smith – fabulous facility. 

I'm very appreciative of the staff accommodating my needs on such a short term basis. Very attentive & professional.Would like to commend Kristi for her bright smile and warmth when she greeted me. Also – Florence who went out of her way to assist me. (MRI)

I have had more than my share of tests, Carla was one of the best at explaining what she is doing & looking at. Well done.

Couldn’t believe how much bigger the inside was from the last one I was in. (MRI) Thanks!

Best MRI experience I’ve ever had!