You have a choice in where to go for imaging. - Imaging Specialists

You have a choice in where to go for imaging.

Imaging is an integral and essential part of health care. Whether it is to view a fracture, diagnose a possible condition, or a component of preventative care, physicians rely on knowledgeable and professional radiologists to assist in interpreting imaging for their patients.

Many hospitals and medical facilities are in partnership with or in contract with certain imaging facilities and thus refer their patients to these locations when a radiology service is needed. Regrettably, the facility that a patient is being referred to may not be the best choice for them. The facility may be out of network with the patient’s health insurance or may not meet the patient’s needs in terms of location, time frame for scheduling, or flexibility of imaging machinery. The facility may not be able to promptly provide an interpretation of the image, causing patients to wait an extended time to receive a critical diagnosis or plan of care.

Many patients do not realize they have the right to request the imaging facility of their choice when their physician requests imaging.

Unlike other imaging facilities, the radiologists at Imaging Specialists are on-site, which translates to expedited interpretations as well as the most proficient experience for patients. We are committed to patient-centered care and strive to offer the best technology at the best price. The radiologists at Imaging Specialists are board-certified and subspecialty trained in Neuroradiology, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology.

Imaging Specialists offer CT scans, ultrasounds, x-rays, DEXA scanning, musculoskeletal and orthopedic imaging, mammography, and other women’s services. We are also proud to provide the latest in technology with two new Hologic 3D Mammography systems, the newest GE CT scanner, and the open 3T MRI. Uniquely powerful and precise, the 3T MRI enables our radiologists to accelerate early diagnosis and treatment. The open 3T MRI offers a more comfortable experience for patients while improving their prognosis.

The next time your physician orders imaging for you, consider requesting the referral be sent to Imaging Specialists in order to receive the most expert, comprehensive, and timely interpretation of your imaging.