Welcome to Imaging Specialists

We are proud to offer you world class imaging right next door.

We house the most advanced technology available today. As the showcase facility for Siemen’s Open 3T MRI, we set the bar high. From the most powerful MRI in the nation to our beautiful dedicated Women’s Imaging Suite, we offer our patients only the best. We are proud of our 99% patient satisfaction. You can count on rapid results, amazing service and the best diagnosis made possible by radiologists with impeccable training and unsurpassed technology.

The difference is clear. The choice is yours.

How Do I Make My Own Choice? If you're not offered a choice of locations for your diagnostic imaging, tell your doctor you want to go to Imaging Specialists. If you're still not given a choice, ask for your order and make your own appointment at the location of your choice. Be an advocate for your health. Contact Vicki Richter, Director of Imaging Specialists at 881-4020 or email richter@imagingsc.com with any questions or to compare.